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EIC is brought to you by the team at Enterprise Tax Centre.

EIC provides a shop window for growing companies to seek investment from investors looking for such investment opportunities. A matchmaking service for want of a better term.

We have worked for more than a decade providing tax advice to entrepreneurs’ of all shapes and sizes.

EIC is borne out of helping clients not only to structure their businesses in a tax efficient manner using the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Seed EIS (SEIS), but to offer them a route to investors seeking out such opportunities.

Think of us as matchmakers!


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Funding sought: £50,000 Management & previous investment: £100,000 Sectors Healthcare Telecoms & Internet Stage of business – Early stage Trading


If a particular opportunity is of interest then we recommend that you send us an enquiry through the website and commence your own due diligence.

All businesses featured on this website have a full business plan available for inspection.

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Budget 2016: The rise of Entrepreneur Investor Relief

Background The 2016 Budget again proved to be perfect opportunity for our fine Chancellor to tinker with Entrepreneurs’ Relief (ER) – one of the most attractive reliefs provided to entrepreneurs. However, in contrast with some of the previous tinkering to the regime, these changes were generally of a positive nature and should generally increase the availability of the relief.

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