EIC provides a shop window for growing companies to seek investment from investors looking for such investment opportunities. A matchmaking service for want of a better term.

All of the investment opportunities on this website will qualify for specific tax reliefs of which you should be able to avail yourself of. For instance most of the investments will qualify for EIS and / or Seed EIS investment. Each opportunity will clearly state the available reliefs and, where appropriate, will have been pre-cleared with HMRC.

For example, our investments might qualify for:

    • Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)
    • Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS)
    • Business Property Relief (BPR) for Inheritance Tax (IHT) purposes
    • Business Investment Relief (BIR) such that non-UK domiciled individuals may utilise otherwise ‘idle’ foreign income and gains in the UK without tax charge
    • Tier One (Investor) Visa qualification

Further detail on all of these schemes can be found by clicking on the links to the Technical Centre notes above.

In addition, each investment will have a comprehensive business plan.


There are no fees for investors using the site.

This communication does not represent an investment offer, solicitation or a recommendation of any kind. Professional advice should always be taken. Enterprise Investment Centre does not provide investment advice.